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SUPER 8MM & STANDARD 8MM SECOND HAND FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILMS (Also Includes Special Super 8mm & STD 8 Edited Versions)
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FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILMS (Also includes special Standard 8mm / Super 8mm edited versions)

**********STANDARD 8MM**********

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 2 x 600FT (Multi 200ft reel version mounted on 2 x very over full 600ft reels) SILENT B/W (B/B-) £99.99 Classic melodrama with Lon Chaney as the vengeful composer who lives in the catacombs under the Paris Opera House.
BUSTER KEATON in THE GENERAL STD8 3 x 400FT. 1 x 200FT. (7 x 200ft mounted on 3 x 400ft & 1 x 200ft reels) SILENT B/W (B) £99.99 When Union spies steal an engineer’s beloved locomotive, he pursues it single headedly and straight through enemy lines.
CHARLIE CHAPLIN in THE GOLD RUSH 4 x 400FT (8 x 200ft mounted on 4 x 400ft.) SILENT B/W (C/D) £59.99 A lone prospector ventures into Alaska looking for gold. He gets mixed up with some burly characters and falls in love with the beautiful Georgia.
CHARLES CHAPLIN in THE GOLD RUSH *7 x 200FT SILENT B/W (D) £39.99 A lone prospector ventures into Alaska looking for gold. He gets mixed up with some burly characters and falls in love with the beautiful Georgia. *Note: This is the 8 x 200ft version but is missing reel 6.

**********SUPER 8MM**********

THE WAY TO THE STARS 4x 400FT B/W (A) £139.99 Excellent drama about a British airfield and the men stationed there, focusing mainly on the personal relationships in wartime.
'SIMON AND LAURA' 2x 800FT B/W (B) £99.99 Actors who play husband and wife in a TV series are married in reality and hate each other!
TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT 2x 800FT (B/C - Colour fade to Sepia) £79.99 A branch railway line is threatened with closure, the villages take it over as a private concern.
THE CHILTERN HUNDREDS 2x 800FT B/W (B) £79.99 An aged earl is bewildered when his son fails to be elected to parliament as a socialist but his butler gets in as a Tory.
IRON MAIDEN 4x400FT (B/C) £79.99 An aircraft designer gets into trouble because of his affection for traction engines. Classic British comedy.
TOM BROWN’S SCHOOL DAYS 6x 400FT B/W (B-) £99.99 Tom Brown finds life at Rugby brutal, but helps to become a civilizing influence.
DRESSED TO KILL 3x400FT MOUNTED ON HOME-MADE 1200FT SPOOL (C/D) £39.99 A sexually disturbed matron under analysis is murdered by a transvestite slasher, who then goes after a witness. Nasty and occasionally brilliant De Palma suspensor.
THE SELZNICK YEARS 3x400FT COLOUR/B&W/SEPIA (C-) £49.99 Documentary on the great David Selznick who is responsible for so many Hollywood greats. Includes many, many clips from classic movies, and interviews with various legends. Narrated by Henry Fonda.
LAUREL & HARDY in "BONNIE SCOTLAND" 5x400FT B/W (A then B/C) £149.99 ‘Packed with Laurel and Hardy hokum and good for plenty of laughs’ - Boxoffice.
FLYING DOWN TO RIO 4x400FT B/W (C/D) £59.99 A musical electrified by the finale in which girls dance on wings of moving airplanes, and by the teaming of Astaire and Rogers for the first time. Now a irresistible period piece.
SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 3x400FT (B) £59.99 Italian roughnecks in Brooklyn live for their Saturday night disco dancing. Slick direction, fast editing and exciting dance numbers turn this into a cult classic. NOTE: Pink tint.
GULLIVERS TRAVELS 4x 400FT (C) £49.99 Fleischer animated classic from 1939. Includes ‘Faithful Forever’; Victor Young. At the time this animation represented a genuine challenge to Disney. NOTE: Colour; Faded in a number of scenes.
GREASE 3x400FT (OPENING FEW MINS. ‘C’ - DUE TO SOME SCRATCHES, THEN ‘B’. *VARIABLE COLOUR FROM SCENE TO SCENE) £59.99 Classic musical fantasising 1950’s life starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.
TOP HAT 5x400FT B/W (B) £149.99 A knock out of a musical with Astaire and Rogers at their brightest doing, "Cheek To Cheek", "Isn’t This A Lovely Day To Be Caught In The Rain", "Top Hat, White Tie, And Tails" and the epic "Piccolino".
GREAT EXPECTATIONS 2 x1200FT. B/W (B/C) £299.99 ‘The first big British film to have been made, a film that sweeps our cloistered virtues out into the open’ - Richard Winnington. ‘The best Dickens adaptation, and arguably David Lean’s finest film’ - NFT, 1969.
THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (1938) 4 x 400ft (C-/D) £79.99 Errol Flynn in the definitive swashbuckler, winning the hand of the stunning De Havilland. Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s outstanding score earned an Oscar, as did the art direction and editing. NOTE: Colour has orange/pink fade.
DAYS OF THRILLS & LAUGHTER 6 x 400FT. B/W (B/C) £149.99 Compiled by Robert Youngson. Third Youngson silent film compilations combines comedy clips (with Chaplin, Laurel And Hardy, The Keystone Kops) with serials and action films (featuring Douglas Fairbanks, Pearl White, Harry Houdini). Great fun.
THE HEROES OF TELEMARK 7 x 400FT (C) £99.99 COME FROZEN HELL OR HIGH ADVENTURE... Set in German-occupied Norway, this is an embellished account of the remarkable efforts of the Norwegian resistance to sabotage the German development of the atomic bomb. NOTE: Colour fluctuates from scene to scene at various points throughout the movie, sometimes a pink tint, sometimes a warm orange tint, sometimes a blue tint.
OLIVER TWIST 3 x 800FT B/W (B) £249.99 This is the classic 1948 version directed by David Lean and stars Alec Guinness, Robert Newton, John Howard Davies and Kay Walsh, Francis L Sullivan.
OCTOBER 7 x 200FT B/W SILENT (C) £199.99 In 1917 the Kerensky regime is overthrown by the Bolsheviks. A propaganda masterpiece whose images have all too often been mistaken and used for genuine newsreel. Cinematically an undoubted masterpiece.
CABINET OF DOCTOR CALIGARI 5 x 200FT. B/W SILENT (C) £149.99 Sometimes referred to as the first horror film, this
film has immerse influence on the dramatic art of cinema, with its odd angles, stylised sets and hypnotic acting, not to mention the sting in the tail of its story.
LAUREL & HARDY in PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES 2 x 600FT B/W (C) £79.99 Former doughboys Stan & Ollie take responsibility for the tiny daughter of a dead Army buddy. First they must rescue her from the dreadful fellow claiming guardianship. Then the Boys must try to track down the little tyke's grandparents. Not an easy task, considering the chaos they're about to encounter.
LAUREL & HARDY in WAY OUT WEST 2 x 600FT B/W (C-) £79.99 A prospector enlists Stan and Ollie to deliver the deed of a goldmine to his daughter Mary in Brushwood Gulch. When they arrive in the small village and enter the local saloon, Mary's sinister guardian pretends to be Mary, thus fooling the hapless duo into handing over the deed. Upon meeting the real Mary, the pair realizes their mistake and sets about getting the deed into the rightful owner's hands. Cue the chaos, singing and dancing in this true Hollywood comedy classic.
TIGER FANGS 4 x 400FT B/W (B/B-) £79.99 A big-game hunter travels to Malaya to help stop the Nazis and Japanese from destroying the rubber industry.
WITCHFINDER GENERAL 4 x 400FT (C/D) £149.99 Savage, stylish horror melodrama with a growing reputation as the best work of its young director. Not for the squeamish despite its pleasing countryside photography. Note: Warm sepia tint in parts. Black spots on reels 3 & 4.
SPECTRE OF EDGAR ALLEN POE 4 x 400ft Mounted on a Homemade 1600ft Spool (fits 1200ft capacity projectors) (D) £39.99 Poe visits an asylum when his beloved Lenore has been taken to recover from being buried alive, but finds himself in a nightmare world. Note: High levels of pink fade.
JANE RUSSELL in THE OUTLAW 4 x 400FT B/W (C-) £69.99 The controversial western banned for six years then only released in a truncated form due to Jane Russell and the focus on her two famous body parts!
LUST FOR A VAMPIRE 2 x 800FT (C) £199.99 In 1830 an English writer discerns that a pupil in an exclusive mid-European girl’s school is a reincarnated vampire. Classic Hammer Horror. Note: Warm sepia tint.
NIGHT HAIR CHILD 2 x 600FT (C) £99.99 A disturbing psychological thriller of a wicked boy who develops an unhealthy attitude towards his stepmother. Note: This version contains the scenes removed by the BBFC. Stars Brit Ekland. Note: Warm purple tint.
LOADED GUNS (COLPO IN CANNA) 3 x 400FT (C/D) £39.99 An airline stewardess who doubles as an intelligence counteragent is assigned to immobilise a drug-trafficking ring. Starring the stunning Ursula Andress. Note: Warm orange tint.
LAUREL & HARDY in FLYING DEUCES 4x 400FT B/W (B/C) £89.99 Oliver joins the Foreign Legion to forget, bringing Stan along. They end up facing the firing squad but manage to escape in a stolen airplane but crash.
LAUREL & HARDY in JAILBIRDS 3x400FT (C) £79.99 Two guys end up in prison after attempting to sell beer to a policeman during Prohibition.

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