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WHITE SLAVERY (MADCHEN HANDEL) + GLAMOUR TRL. FULL 400FT (C) £39.99 Imported European Glamour with a foreign soundtrack.
(IM01) NO TITLE - IMPORTED GLAMOUR 200FT SILENT (C) £29.99 A stocking clad white lady and a black gentleman get it on in this import.
(IM02) NO TITLE - IMPORTED GLAMOUR 200FT SILENT (C) £29.99 A stocking clad white lady and two black gentleman get it on in this import.
(IM03) NO TITLE - IMPORTED GLAMOUR 200FT SILENT (C) £24.99 Two ladies and one guy!.
LORRIE SANDS in HOT SANDS 200FT SILENT B/W (D) £7.99 An Exotic Home Movie.
CINDY NEAL in ‘PENTHOUSE STRIP’ 200FT SILENT B/W (C/D) £8.99 A Unique Film Production.
PORNORAMA - PORNO TRIO 200FT SILENT (B) £24.99 The heat reaches fever pitch when three randy youngsters get together!
ON THE JOB 200FT SILENT (C) £19.99 David’s secretary thinks that sex is what happens every hour on the hour and when the replacement typist comes on the scene the work output drops to zero!
ST. TROPEZ - HOW TO KEEP FIT 200FT SILENT (D - Faded Colour) £14.99 How to keep fit in an entirely different way!
CHAMPAGNE SEDUCTION #87 200FT SILENT (C) £9.99 A champagne cocktail party for two! Note: Pink Fade.
ROOM-MATING #112 200FT SILENT (C) £24.99 Thomas is looking for a room to share. Leslie is looking for a guy to share more than just her room. Note: Slight orange tint.
HOT STROKES #125 200FT SILENT (B) £29.99 Carmen is posing for a painting by Starbuck, who’s style is very sensual. He puts down his brush for the hottest strokes on canvas!
SEXUAL PLAYGROUND #128 200FT SILENT (A) £29.99 Lisa and her oriental lover Starbuck return home feeling so hot they don’t even leave the car. Their convertible is turned into a sexual playground.
LIBERATED LADY #134 200FT SILENT (C) £19.99 Kelly-Ann calls Steve and makes a date. Then she showers and puts on make-up and perfume. When Steve arrives she takes him to her darkened bedroom and shows him how liberated a lady can be! Note: No scratches but spidering.
TWO-HOLE CUMMER #SG-141 200FT SILENT (C) £14.99 Presents Mae Wong Kim. Showgirl Superstars Series. Note: Orange Tint.
DER HAUSMEISTER #EXL 12 200FT SILENT (B) £29.99 Ekstase De Luxe Prasentiert. Note: Slight Fade.
MILK MAID #39 200FT SILENT (C) £14.99 Suck ‘em, they’re a gourmets delight! Note: Orange tint.
A PLAN TO BE RAMMED #74 200FT SILENT (B) £24.99 A vivacious though cunning blonde devises a clever scheme to get laid. Her target is an unknowing delivery boy.
FANTASY LANE #81 200FT SILENT (C) £14.99 When a lovely young lady spends all afternoon absorbed in fantasies about sexy underwear, you can bet by the time her boyfriend arrives, she’s pretty turned-on. Especially when he presents her with some pretty underwear. She presents him the best present ever! Note: Orange tint.
LISA & MONICA #1003 200FT SILENT (B/C) £19.99 The girls of Swedish Erotica amusing themselves! Note: Orange tint.
LITTLE ORAL ANNIE STRIKES AGAIN #434 200FT SILENT (A) £49.99 Little Oral Annie is enjoying a private screening of an X-rated movie when the projector suddenly blows its big fuse. Annie heads for the booth and gets her kicks by blowing the projectionist’s big fuse.
BLACK ON WHITE #143 200FT SILENT (B) £29.99 A black musician is practicing on the piano when his sexy girlfriend decides that she’d much rather sex than hear music. Note: Very slight warm tint.
LUCKY DICE #340 200FT SILENT (B-) £29.99 Carl’s dogs chase his Frisbee. When voluptuous Alice invites him inside to play backgammon he’s soon chasing dice and her!
HOT, SEXY ANNIE #450 200FT SILENT (B) £29.99 Little Oral Annie is entertaining a client for her boss, a rich and beautiful countess. Hot and sexy Annie doesn’t care about the business end of the deal, she wants to get the other end of his deal, and the voracious girl gets it all!
THE LOVE GODDESS #428 200FT SILENT (B) £29.99 Featuring Lisa De Leeuw. A young couple stroll in the garden by moonlight. They pause near a statue of a love goddess and suddenly lose control of their passions in a lunatic frenzy of love.
LAURIEN ON TOP #SG-178 200FT SILENT (B) £19.99 Showgirl Superstars Series. Note: Orange tint.
PUSSY PLOY - FILM No. 550 200FT SILENT (B) £19.99 A blonde, bored by her husband’s chess game decides to distract the players using some very unorthodox moves. Note: Orange tint.
SECRETARIES/CLUB-X/A VIVACIOUS BLOND 400FT SILENT (D) £19.99 Secretaries - High up the ladder stood this raving beauty when Roy entered the room. Club-X - Three hussies and two fornicators invite you to their salacious high-lights of sexual debauchery. A Vivacious Blond - A sewing machine salesman considered his job as a proper sewing machine salesman to see that all holes are well mended. Note: Opening title missing. Orange/Pink fade.
TWO OF A KIND 200FT SILENT B/W (B/C) £9.99 Watch two lovely ladies work, rest and play!
K.T.C. OF LONDON presents IT’S A FAIR COP 200FT SILENT B/W (B) £14.99 A lady strips for your viewing pleasure.
HARRISON MARKS - BRA WARS 200FT SILENT (C-/D) £9.99 Lots of close-up shots for boob fans. Note: Orange/Pink fade.
SOHO STRPTEASE 200FT SILENT B/W (D) £9.99 A girl gets a job as a Burlesque dancer.
DONNA MARLOWE in "SUPER EIGHT" 200FT SILENT B/W (B-) £19.99 Watch Britain’s breathtaking Blonde Bombshell showing her incredible assets.
HOSPITAL FANTASY / MRS HARRY 400FT SILENT (D) £24.99 i) Very naughty stocking clad nurse is only to happy to oblige. ii) A cross dressing man in nylons surprises an unsuspecting stocking clad babe before she brings him to a climax. Note: Orange fade.
213 "FRENCHIE" 200FT SILENT (C/D) £24.99 Brandon likes brunettes. Brunettes with blue eyes, moist lips and good tight legs. A Diamond Collection. Note: Warm tint.
SEX OBSESSION LE FOU 400FT SILENT (D) £12.99 Strange French film about man holding people at gun point when they have sex. Note: Orange fade.
CLITTY GANG BANG (HOT ROD 4) 200FT SILENT (D) £9.99 Three sexy females and a husband waste no time in stripping off and joining in a champagne party and orgy. Note: Orange fade.
YOUNG SINNERS 200FT SILENT (D) £9.99 Two girls break down in their car and two men come to the rescue and invite them back to their flat.
BUSTMAN’S HOLIDAY - HARRISON MARKS 200FT SILENT (D) £19.99 Stars big-busted Nicky Stanton and Milton Reid who two years prior to this production appeared in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. Note: Orange/Pink fade.
JOYS OF SEX 200FT SILENT (D) £14.99 Two men read ‘Joys Of Sex’. Two stocking clad ladies only too happy to recreate it. Note: Opening title missing.
SEXUAL FANTASIES XL1 400FT (C) £19.99 Erotic dancers try and solve a crime.
MARINA & FAY 200FT SILENT (D) £9.99 Two girls caress each other all over with glistening oil. Note: Orange.
FILM No. 554 - TWO IN ONE HOLE 200FT SILENT (D) £14.99 A bored American housewife gets a very sexy idea when she invites her two black gardeners into the house for a drink. Color Climax. Note: Orange tint.
FILM No. 808 - SEXORAMA: TOOL-BOX TRICKS 200FT SILENT (D) £14.99 A happy surprise for an electrician. He rings the door bell, no answer so he goes into the house to find the occupier exciting herself in the bath.
EXCITING FILM No.906 - GROUP FUCKERS 200FT SILENT (B) £19.99 Lizzie a little passionate wild cat, who is filled with eroticism and Anette, a warm-blooded girl with pleasingly large, full breasts put their skills to good use on a couple of horny guys.
EXCITING FILM No.950 - A BIG SERVICE 200FT SILENT (B) £29.99 Two American girls are looking for a guy to give them the servicing that they require. Note: Colour has orange tint.
EXCITING FILM No.986 - BLACK LUST 200FT SILENT (B) £19.99 A card game turns into an uncontrollable orgy. Note: Colour has warm tint.
PUSSYCAT FILM No.404 - RANDY REUNION 200FT SILENT (B) £19.99 A film that fascinates with its randy, natural action.
PUSSYCAT FILM No. 444 - LONGER LOVING 200FT SILENT (C) £19.99 John Holme’s Japanese servant girl not only tends to the housework but also to Holme’s and his girlfriend. Note: Colour has orange tint.
SEXORAMA No.872 - HOTEL SEX 200FT SILENT (B) £19.99 A chambermaid likes to offer ‘personal’ services.
SEXORAMA No.896 - BOTTOMS UP 200FT SILENT (B) £19.99 A girl takes three guys all at the same time.
DIPLOMAT No.1012 - LITTLE DIRTY GIRL 200FT SILENT (B) £24.99 Virgin Eva joins in a triangle of sucking, licking & more finishing with an explosive titwank.
UNTITLED 1970’s PORN (No opening titles) FULL 200FT SILENT (D) £19.99 A man breaks into a house where 2 girls are staying. He knocks out one of the girls as he licks here pussy while her friend continues to sleep. As the girl he knocked out starts to come around and realises he is enjoying her pussy, she tries to fight him off while trying to also wake her sleeping friend for help. But when her friend awakes, instead of helping she cannot resist the sight of his hard cock and enjoys sucking & fucking him, while also getting her reluctant friend to join in. After a while the reluctant friend also enjoys his cock and is only to happy to take his load in her mouth and face. Note: Colour has heavy fade.
FRIVOLOUS GAMES (Frivole Spiele) 500FT SILENT (C/D) £49.99 Mr. Rudolf, the procurer, fucked me without mercy. My stepfather had sent me out on the street. A Starlight Film. Note: Warm sepia tint.
BACK SIDE FEVER (No opening titles) 500FT (C) £49.99 A bold middle-class bank director is attracted by the perverted atmosphere of a house of pleasure. Two young prostitutes ask him to come in, to get rid of his repressed desire. Lasse Braun Film Production. Note: Warm tint.
CLINICAL EROTIC (Clinicum Erotika) (No opening or end titles) 400FT SILENT (C/D) £29.99 A young man is brought to hospital and sedated by a sexy nurse in black stockings & suspenders. While her patient is under sedation she plays with his cock before playing with herself then satisfying herself on his cock, but then the Doctor & his stocking clad assistant walk in and take advantage of the situation. Note: Warm tint.
TEENAGE SEX - BATHROOM EXPERIENCE - FILM No. 701 200FT SILENT (C-/D) £19.99 Sylvie & Karla invite 2 school-mates into their bath where they wash their friends cocks in a gentle & soft manner. They withdraw to the parents’ bedroom to fuck & suck. A Color Climax Film. Note: Orange/Pink fade.
HER BIGGEST DAY - FILM No. 1324 200FT SOUND (C-/D) £19.99 A sexy blonde gets married and the photographer is astonished by the size of the grooms giant knob as his new with sucks it. The assistant is soon taking her from behind, the groom repeatedly fucks her before giving her a randy breast fuck. Stars John Holmes. A Color Climax Film. Note: Warm tint.
HEIMLICHES FEUER 400FT SILENT (C) £49.99 He gets his friend involved in trying to find a sexy date when they discover an attractive employee called Johanna. Roswitha cheats on her husband & in the arms of his rival she becomes slave for his perverse lust. Her husband secretly wants to capture it all on tape. So with his video camera he enters the building where they live. Straight away he walks in on the young neighbour's daughter having hot sex in the basement. Also, in his apartment things are cooking. Blindfolded and in exciting lingerie Roswitha is open for everything. Note: Warn tint.

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